Luke 6:46-47
                                                        Why do you call me lord and don’t do the things I say?
It could be a small thing that we don’t obey in.  Like praying for sales and then when being led to stop some place I don’t.  I’ll do it later never seems to work.  Case in point, Caywood oil.   I would drive by there on my way to the Iron Range.  I really had an unction to stop there every time I would drive by.  So one day summer time a year and a half ago I stopped.  I got their business.  Other reps have called but refuse to drive the hundreds of miles to take care of their business.  The bottom line is this. When we are instructed (led) to do something it’s for a reason.  The question we each must answer for ourselves is this.  If God our Father has only our best interest in mind in everything he does, why would we not do what we are told to do.  He gave us freedom of choice for a reason.  What are we going to choose?
Go in peace