Luke 6:40-45 

You’ll know a tree by its fruit

Met a lady yesterday, her name is Tina.  The first thing I noticed about her was her giving heart.  You see a person can say things about helping people all they want, but until one actually sees the proof one cannot assume the fruit is there.  Tina is a friend of my sons.  As we sat in my living room having conversation I was asking some questions.  I found out she is educated to be a health unit co-ordinater but has chosen to keep doing what she is doing.  At this point she is working in a nursing home as a person who spends time being a friend to seniors.  She talks to them, plays games with them.  She would rather spend her working hours being friends with those who are “put” into a nursing home as a place to sit and wait to die.  She wants to have them know they still have a friend and looks forward to being with them.  This is a person who’s love and caring came through loud and clear.  There is an old saying that actions speak louder than words. Tina could be making a great deal more money doing that which she is trained to do, but is willing to set that aside so she can touch the lives of the people who need her the most.  Tina is one example of a person with “good” fruit in her life.  I have spoken of others here as well.  People who have businesses who put their faith on the line every day these are people that have earned my respect. .  People can say what they want about how good of a person they are, but until they are willing to put it into action it means very little.  Tina is one of those people who know what is important in life and does it.  I do see the fruit in her life.

Go in peace