Luke 6:17-19 

Christ healed the multitudes

When I was in a coma from my motorcycle accident in 1978 my brother in law and a pastor friend came into my room (this was told to Me.) anointed me with oil and were just about to pray for me when the nurse asked them what they were doing. They told her God is still in the healing business.  They prayed and walked out; 5 minutes later I woke up.    I thank God the wife God gave me had a lot of patients because I really had a scrambled brain for a while.  Today I would like to ask each and every one of my readers what can Father heal you of today.  What is that wounding, those deep bleeding cuts that Father can touch by his spirit through his son in a way that can bring healing to your body, but more importantly to your soul?  As with a head injury there can be residual to any damage that has been done to us.  Some of the damage we may not even understand when it shows its ugly head.     The key to resolution is being in constant contact with him who does the healing.    The healing you may need could be physical, could be mental, or it could be spiritual, or any combination thereof.  Father has the answer.   We must take our request for healing to him.  As we do that then the day becomes new again. The sun shines brighter.  And we can really walk in that newness.  Father is offering us that newness of life everyday.  The question this morning is this.  Do we really want that healing?  Do we really want Father to touch our lives and remove our pain?  Or do we really want to keep that pain as a badge, as a testimony of the damage that was done to us so we don’t have to forgive it.  Only we can answer that question.