Luke 5:4-11

                                                                He told them to let down their nets.

                Imagine if you will that you’re a mouse in the boat that Peter owns.  These guys would fish all night, and then take their fish to market, and then sleep.  The next night they would start this all over again.  And so it would go on day after day until they died.  But Father had something else in mind for these fishermen.  He had it in mind for them to respond to the Christ and be part of changing of History.  He had it in mind for these men to be used by him through his Son the Christ by his Holy Spirit to see the hearts and minds of men, women, and children changed for centuries.  Today, you’re being called into somewhat of the same thing.  Father is placing in front of us people whose lives we can have a huge effect on forever.  All we have to be willing to do is open our mouths and share the words of eternal life.  We will see their lives changed now, and for ever.  We will see them reach out to those around them and change the lives of those they touch. That my friends are how we can have an eternal effect on those around us.  So here is the word for today.  Do something eternal, share Christ with that one person Father brings across your path, by doing so you change eternity.

Go in peace