Luke 5:15-16 He often withdrew from the crowds


Back in the early part of the 2000s I would take a retreat to a place called demontriville.  Located in a suburb of the twin cities the Jesuit retreat house was one of silence.  It is a place to just be quiet before the most high God.  It is a place where the spirit can touch an individual’s heart in such a way that they are changed forever.  My question for each and every one of us today is are we willing  to find our own demontriville.  To find that place of quiet and solitude that can open our hearts to hear what the spirit is trying to say to us.  Is your life in a state of Chaos?  Find your demontriville. Get quiet before Father; let his spirit overwhelm you in silence.  Let your heart be changed by the power of His Holy Spirit in a way that changes your very being, and can be seen by those around you as a true miracle of Father in the changes he has made in your life. 

Today is your day to find your Demontriville.

Go in peace