Luke 4:12-16

                                                                                The leper cleansed

The leper found Christ and asked him to cleanse him, and the Christ did.  Not much has changed today.  The cleansing we receive is from things that aren’t seen on the surface, but are those things which are as deadly, only they hide below the surface.  They can be a secret sin, only with our Father there are no secrets.  But those secret sins are extremely deadly.  Drug use, alcohol, obesity, these sins are visible and can be dealt with.  The leper came to Christ asked for him to cleanse him, and with a word Christ healed him.  But today many of us are still willing to “hide” our sins deep within us, not bringing them to Father and living with the consequenses.  My friend that is like the leper saying to the Christ I can live with this.  The fact of the matter true living is only accomplished when the Christ cleanses of from every sin, even the secret ones, and we walk in the newness of life.  It’s time to stop hiding from Father those things which we have walked into that are there to destroy us.  The enemy sets traps to ensnare us.  It’s time to be set free from those traps, and walk in the newness Christ has for us.  All that one has to do is ask for Christ’s cleansing.  So then why are you not asking?

Go in peace