Luke 3:7-20

John preached in the wilderness.  Father showed him the hearts of those who came to him.  One thing interesting that hit me this morning, he did not tell the tax collectors to quit collecting taxes, he told them to only collect that which was appointed for them to collect.  Like wise the soldiers were told not to take bribes or even ask for them.  John was about this same time was put in jail for calling Herod’s relationship with his mistress what it was, sin.  How? You may ask, does this relate to us today?  John was calling the people to show evidence of their repentance by changing what they were doing in a way that everyone would see it.  In other words if your doing something in your place of employment that is not correct, stop, and do it right.  I remember years back being at my Mother and Father in laws and a neighbor was there telling about how he stole tools from him employer, even bragging about it.  We as believers have to be a cut above when it comes to handling what we do at every step in our lives.  We must shoot honestly and straightly with our customers if we own a business.  Making a profit, but doing it honestly.  Secondly, if we are employed, we must pour ourselves into being an extremely valuable employee.  We must work to be that employee that not only hears from our employer but also our Father well done good and faithful servant.  And most important being the Husband, Wife, Parent that Father has created us to be.  We must be vigilant in all that we do in this realm. We must work for the betterment of our Spouse, and children.  As we do these things Father will be glorified in the work he is doing in us.

Go in peace