Luke 23:53
                                                       They laid him in the tomb.  Now What?
What happened when Christ was in the tomb?   I am sure there were doubts among even the disciples about the truth of his claims.  Matthew 27:53  say’s that graves were opened and people walked out of the grave after the death of Christ.   But what was going on with Christ during that time.  I encourage each and every one of us to take some time and explore this.  He told the thief on the cross that he would be with him in paradise.   From my reading I have concluded this was Abraham’s bosom.  This was a place where those who had lived for God during their lives were sent until the redemption and cleansing that would happen on the Cross would take place so they could enter into Fathers presence.  He walked in there with the thief from the other cross and preached to them.  Those who received the forgiveness that he was offering were then released to Heaven and entered into the newness of Christ and entered in the presence of the great I am (Our Father).  As you go through this day keep in mind the work that Father was accomplishing through Christ our Savior through the Holy Spirit as the great saints of the pre Christ  time were preached to.   And yes that thief would have heard the preaching to Christ and is in his kingdom now.
Go in peace