Luke 2:8-20
The Shepherds
In Israel at the time of the birth of the Savior there was a real social strata. The lowest on this strata was the tax collector. Next up was the Shepherd. In listening to a sermon Sunday I had a piece of information dropped in my lap I was not aware of. Bethlehem is about 7 miles from Jerusalem. The shepherds were given the task of raising sheep that were without blemish for the sacrifice. So even in his use of the shepherds in the role Father had placed them, he was using the lowest used for the cleansing of man. My question today is are we trapped in a social strata that keeps us from seeing the gifting that Father has placed in an individual that he has put in front of us. Remember even Nathanael made the statement about Christ. “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” What he did not realize is the Christ was actually born in Bethlehem. Once a month I am blessed to preach at the Union Gospel Mission in Duluth. Some of the insights of the people there blow me away. If I were to take the mind set that they are just the lowest in society I would totally miss the insights that Father passes onto me through them. The point here is Father is going to use those we consider lowly or beneath us to reach us. He is going to use young children, He is going to use those who we may think are not as bright as we are, and he is going to use those who may be down and out to bring His truth to us. I implore you, be watching, be diligently seeking his truth by watching his word be lived out not by the high and mighty of this world, but by those the world considers the lowest on the social ladder. You will find Father’s truth that he has written in his word lived out in ways that will amaze you.
Go in peace