Luke 24:13-35

                                                                                The walk to Emmaus

                The disciples were walking along the road talking about the events of what happened with the Christ.  They were talking about the crucifixion.  Suddenly Christ was walking with them.  They would not recognize him until they sat with him to eat.  That raises the question, do we recognize the Christ in our midst?  Do we see him in the activities that are going on around us?  How many times have we had activities happen in our lives and yet just not seen Christ in them?  How many times have we “missed” an opportunity to be that vehicle of Christ love in a situation because we were not paying attention to what our Father was trying to communicate to us through the Son by the Spirit?  I implore each and every one of us today to be aware of what is going on around us.  Be aware of the door Father is going to open for ministry to one of his kids.  We are the hands, feet, and mouth piece of Father through the Son by the spirit.  Be aware of those people around you that he is going to open doors to reach today.

As you do this

Go in peace