Luke 24:1-12
                                                                                                Sunday is here
You have just seen he Christ breath his last. You have witnessed  some who “looked” dirty suddenly made clean. And now you are witnessing them remove the body of him who hey called the Christ being removed from the cross.   You ask yourself, what can all this mean?  The crowed disperses and you find yourself wandering all over Jerusalem.  You just keep asking yourself who was this guy, and what does this mean.  Friday night you have trouble sleeping.  When you do you dream it’s of walking up the hill toward the cross.   You toss you turn.  You wake, it’s Saturday. You go through the day in almost a daze. You keep asking yourself that same question.  What does all of this mean?  Saturday night your sleep is not much better. You find yourself awake extremely early in the morning.  You feel compelled to walk out into the street. You feel guided by something that you have no idea what it is.  You are walking down a path you have never been on before.  It’s dark and you no idea where you are.  Suddenly you feel yourself being stopped.  As you look around yourself you see nothing but darkness, but you can’t leave.  As you look to your left the sun starts to peak up over a tomb with a rock blocking the entrance.   The earth starts so shake under your feet.  You see the stone start to roll.  You rub our eyes.  What is going on here?  You ask yourself.  The tomb is now wide open.  The sudden brightness from inside it almost blinds you.  The One whom they nailed to the cross walked out.  You run to him, you fall to your knees. You know now this is God himself. This is the Messiah you have heard of from your youth.  You fall to your knees. You ask for his forgiveness.  You look at your hands, and your feet, even your clothes are white with a purity you have not experienced before.  You know now what it’s all about.
Go in peace