Luke 22:54-62 

Peter’s denial of the Christ.

Imagine for a moment you are Peter.  You have just seen the Romans take the Christ whom you love with all your heart to be crucified.  You are afraid.  People come to you and ask, are you not one of his followers.  You deny it.  Three times you deny him.  You hear a rooster crow and you remember his words.  Before the cock crows you will deny me three times.  Your heart breaks.  Yet, the Christ himself is going to take you and forgive you for all that you have done.  Peter got scared and ran. His fear of man was greater than his fear of God.  Yet, he was to have a personal encounter with the risen Christ that would change his life forever.  This change would give him the courage to be willing to die for the Christ now living within him.  Once peter had the same spirit we have living with in him he could rely not on his own courage but the courage of God himself living within him in the form of the Holy Spirit.  That is where our courage comes from.  Not ourselves but the spirit living within us.  It’s by his courage that we can share the Christ with people around us.  As we walk out into the workplace today keep looking for that one person who will come to know the Christ through what the Spirit of God does within you.  Allow the spirit to reach out and touch that person through you and be blessed.

Go in peace