Luke 21:44-49
                                                                                Friday is here, but Sunday is coming.
Imagine if you will, you’re walking in a country two thousand years ago.  The streets are dirt. The dirt permeates everything. The dust is chocking.  Everyone walking down the street is walking filth. Your clean, simply because your clean will not make any of the people clean by their touching you.  As a matter of fact their touching you will make you unclean.  As you’re walking down the street you notice clouds begin to form.  The sky starts to get really dark. The storm clouds are forming in a way you have never seen before.  Your eyes are drawn to the hill just outside of town.  You see three crosses, three men on them.  The one in the middle seems to have been beaten almost beyond recognition.  You find yourself being drawn to that hill.  It fairly steep, you find your breath getting short as you continue walking up that hill. You know you can’t stop, you must keep climbing.  You can’t understand why your being drawn to such a figure as the convicted criminal that hangs on the most dreadful execution tool ever devised by man.  You find yourself standing beneath his cross.  A  drop of his blood lands on your for head.   You wipe it off.  It’s still there. You take a piece of cloth. You wipe it again. It still won’t come off.  You look into his eyes. He is close to death, but those eyes draw you to him.  It’s as if your looking into the face of God himself.   He looks to heaven. It’s is totally dark all around you, yet you can see clearly.  You hear him speak. “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”  You shake your head in disbelief. You ask yourself,” who is this man, who is he talking to?”  Then you hear him speak again. “Father into your hands I commend my spirit.”  Again your ask yourself. “Who is this man?”
Then you hear his last words from the cross.  “It is finished.” Then you hear him stop breathing.  As you look around yourself you see dirty people being made clean. The sun breaks through the cloud and lightens the whole area. You think again. “Who was this man?”  You start asking those around you.
You know some way some how you will find out.
You think this Friday will go down in history. You’re not sure what it all means.
Somehow you know Sunday is coming and all will be made clear to you then.
Go in peace