Luke 2:14
All Glory to our Father in heaven
                                                                      Barns and Nobel story.
Got there at 9:00 A.M this morning.  Set up and waited and waited for people to come in.  The first lady to come up to where I was situated asked me one simple question.  Are you Sharon Goldsmiths husband?  I answered in the affirmative.  She then looked at the book Eli greatness begins.  Opened the cover and read the dedication to Sharon.  She was in tears.  She used to work with her at St. lukes.  She said she had to have the book.  She held it close to her breast and cried.  She told me how wonderful of a lady I was married to.  I just nodded in agreement.  She spoke truth.   A young man and his mother came by.  He took one look at Eli and said to his mom.  Please buy me this book. I have got to read this book.  Naturally she bought it for him.   Next was Laura.  She took a look at the book.  Read the first paragraph of page 25 and said she had to have it.  The total victory that is put forth in the story was really needed in this instance.  You see I prayed for her.  She has lung cancer.  Once again she held the book close to herself.  It was she could almost feel the Holy Spirit flowing through the book.  There was the couple who  took a look.  Again page 25.  Father was pouring out his gifting to Eli.  If he works Father is going to make him the best pitcher ever.  She bought the book for him.  You see he told me this book was really convicting for him.  He has a great many gifts that have been given to him but is not using them.  Then there was Ryan the person who had a book on Budism.  He looked at Eli and bought it.  We talked for a few moments and I gave him my card and asked him to call me.   Our Father used the book he gave me today called Eli Greatness begins to open door after door to touch lives