Luke 20:9-17
                                                                                                                We are the keepers of the vineyard.
We are the keepers of our Fathers vineyard.  We did not plant it, we don’t own it, but we are the keepers of the vineyard.  It is fertilized with the Love of Christ that was injected into the world over 2000 years ago at Christmas.  We as keepers of the vineyard have an obligation to be spreading that love and caring to as many people that we come across.   If we are “tuned” into what Father is doing we will know when that person or persons are brought across our path.   As vehicles of His love we can bring caring and compassion that the world cannot.  A person who really does not know Christ will tell a person who is having terrible things happen that they will be “thinking” of them.  Thinking of them does nothing for that person.   When we come across such a person and they open up to us then we have only one thing we can do in that moment in time.  We simply ask one question.  “Is it all right if I pray for you?”  The next question is. “May I put my hand on your shoulder?”   From this position you will find that the person you’re praying with relaxes and is willing to seek our Father in their time of need.  From that position we can then lead that person to seeking Father for their daily needs. Then they can be led to a position of seeking Him for salvation when they see who our Father really is.  That my friend is what giving him the fruits of his vineyard is really all about.
Go in peace