Luke 17:6
 If you have faith the size of a mustard seed?
I remember when I was in school I would here “Keep the faith.”  Or. “Just have faith bro.”
I would always ask myself, faith in what?  Keep the Faith is an interesting statement if you have faith in something.   In order for a person to have faith in our Father they must have trust.  Trust, for many of us, is not something we come by in a natural way.  We may have had spouses that abused us.  One would learn not to trust in a situation such as this.  Or a parent that would tell us one thing and do another, again not something that builds trust.  We come to the Lord with a very untrusting outlook on life.  Yet we are told to have faith.  We are told to trust. These can be very difficult things to do.  It can be even tougher when things really aren’t going the way we think they should.  How does one learn to trust the all powerful God of the universe when by our view nothing is going right?  What I have seen over the last 4 years are things happen that really got my attention.  First, my wife is taken in an instant in a car accident.  I work the next three years building a business to have the phone company I am brokering go out of business.  That was at the very time I was taking steps to get my first book published.   I just kept asking. “Father what are you doing?”  I followed the directions that he gave me, asked the people for help that he instructed me to ask.  And Father got me through it.   I hope all of my readers remember Kenneth from a devotional about a month ago.  His life was touched because my phone business was partially wiped out.  I was forced to diversify.  We at times may find ourselves in a situation where we are forced into alternate situations because Father is going to use us in that other situation to touch another life with the redemption of his love.   We can’t understand why some things happen until we see what God is going to do with us if we can just trust no matter what happens.   We have to keep trusting no matter what else happens.  In the end we will see God’s hand in everything that is going on.
When things seem there worst.
Look for God the Father to do his best.
Go in peace