Luke 14:23 and Carry Underwood

Carrie is a picture of one who is not afraid to put her Faith in Christ out there.  We are told to go into the Highway and byways to reach the lost and bring them into the wedding feast.  We are told to use whatever venue we can to do so.  I am one who listens to Christian radio. But the venue Carry uses places her more on the secular stations than the Christians one.  This in my view makes her more accessible to those who don’t know Christ.  That is where we have to be as believers.  I have been known to go into a bar and order a coke. I have been known to ride with motorcycle groups that would be considered not nice.  Would never join them but will more than gladly had out testament to them.

We as believers need to have our eyes wide open, and use whatever venues the Father places in front of us to reach others.  For those interested take a look at my face book page Carrie Underwood’s song Jesus take the wheel is there.  A story in a song about just taking our hands off the wheel and letting Jesus take control of our lives.

Go in peace