Luke 1:26-38
                                                                                Gabriel announces Mary’s gift to her
Mary was about to be given the greatest gift anyone has been given ever.  The Father was about to become a man born of a pure woman so that he could give not only salvation to men, but that he could give gifts to men/women forever.  He was about to change history forever. He was about to make a change that would stop men from merely going through life and dying never again to be in his presence.  To going through life, using the gifts that he has given him/her in such a way as to change the world just a bit by him/her being here.  The key to this whole thing is this. Are we using the gifting that Father has bestowed on us by His Son (The Christ) by His Spirit?  I have written a Christmas play.  The ending of this play Joseph walks out of the stable, looks up to heaven, and says to God. “You have just changed the world. I have no idea what all this is going to look like, but you have just changed the world.”  The bottom line on this whole thing is this.  Christ came to save men/women.  He also came that by saving men/women he would see them purified so he could see them filled with his Holy Spirit. This would allow Father Spirit to be in mankind, and allow mankind to be in him.  Because the Holy Spirit is within us we are given certain giftings.  Because we are given certain giftings we are commanded to use those giftings for the building of Fathers Kingdom.   That raises a question.  What is our giftings?  We need to know what they are so we can operate in them in such a way as lives will be changed forever.   I have access to a spiritual gifting survey.  It is something my pastor Dave Ballard has written.  If anyone needs an easy way to figure out where there gifting lies let me know I will get it to you.  Christ was given so we could live a life pleasing to our Father.  As we live a life pleasing to Father, others will see it and be drawn to Father.  Let’s live the life, and give the gifts he as given to us to others.
Merry Christmas