Luke 13:1-9 

                                                           We are the tree

                Years back Sharon and I were sitting on the lawn swing in the back yard of our house in lakeside. She looked over at the apple tree she had planted and stated we should cut it down and plant something else in that spot.  Just then this parable came to mind.  I suggested she try one time to add some fertilizer to it.  She did so; needless to say the tree to this day flourishes.  I drove by the old homestead the other day and the tree is just fine.  That was 10 years ago.  Christ was giving an example of Father’s patients using this.  He will do everything he can to have us nourished so we can grow in him. Yet our growth is our choice.  We can choose to live a life that is sold out to the Christ, or we can choose to do things on our own.  The problem with that course is the promise is if the tree does not bear fruit it is cut down.  Father has made a promise here that all is going to be done that is possible for us to grow. 

We just have to be willing to turn from those things which the enemy will use to destroy us and look to him who only wants us to grow in him.  Become that strong tree that Father has created you to be.  Bear much fruit and see those around you be nourished by what Father is doing in you.

Go in peace