Luke 1:26-38
It’s March in the year 031.  A young innocent woman by the name of Mary is walking down the road.  Suddenly there is a huge being, robed in gold lined material that almost makes one’s eyes hurt it is so white and pure.  His name is Gabriel.  This angel says to Mary. “Mary, you have found favor in the eyes of the Most High God.  You will bear his son and call him Jesus.  At this point in history May has a crucial choice to make.  She can take a step of courage and agree to what the Father has created her for, or she can walk away and disappear into obscurity.  We all know she chose the former.  She did so at the risk of her life.  Women in this time were considered “property”. Adultery was a capital crime. It was punishable by death.  She decided to trust the most high God, her heavenly Father.  She was willing to trust with her whole being to Fathers protection.  Yesterday I discussed the use of our giftings with a number of people. Over and over again I have made the point that the results are Father’s responsibility and not ours.  Father understood that the protection of Mary during this period would require him to supply the methods of protection that would bring the Christ into the world.  There are times when we have a split second in time that changes everything.  When Father is placing before us a question that can change our history forever, the question we must answer is, are we going to say yes to his using us in his greatness, or no thanks?
This is a moment in time when Father through the Son by the Spirit is laying out for us steps that can change lives forever.  We have to decide in that second, do we want to be used as an instrument for that change in mankind or not. 
Choose wisely
Go in peace
Merry Christmas