Luke 11:9-13.   We are told to ask.

My profession requires me to knock on a lot of doors.  I have heard the word no for an  answer more than yeses. I understand frustration over no after no after no. But then I hit a yes, or maybe a series of them and things seem to turn around.  Father wants us to come to him with our needs. There is nothing too small or to large for him to deal with.   But the key here is simply what the Apostle James says. “You have not because you ask not. Father wants us to come to him with every need and want.  He is our Father.  He will build our relationship with him in such a way that true intimacy can be achieved.  Intimacy is built through communication.  Father knows our every need. He knows our every want.  He will meet our every need, and say yes to those wants that are in our best interest.  There have been things I have asked for that I have not received and as I look back can see the total disaster that would have occurred if I had received them.  There has been a great many things that I have received that I have wanted, and all turned out to be in my best interest.  I am sitting here thanking our Father profusely for some that some of the things I have asked for he said no to.  There is another answer that is really hard for us to deal with however.  It’s not no, or yes, it’s not now. That answer that each of us dread is wait.  Father’s timing is always perfect.  When things happen it’s always on time.  I have one thing going on in my life at this time that Father has just kind of hanging out there.  I keep asking when.  He keeps saying “when the time is right.”  I know what his answer is in this instance. It is yes, but not just yet.  This my friends is where trust comes in.  He will use instances such as this to build the trust that will be required when we get into really tough situations later.  So don’t lose heart, don’t get upset. As trust is built in Father through the Son by the Spirit when we really need to trust later the absolute Faith in Father will be there

Go in peace