Luke 11:9-10

`               Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.  Today I was blessed out of my socks as I worked in Moose Lake.  I knocked on door after door in Moose Lake, and Sturgeon Lake.  Met some great people.  Then I walked by this yarn shop. The door was somewhat dark, not  to be deterred I went in.  As I looked around the room there were hundreds and hundreds of pieces of yarn.  Bundles and bundles of Yarn filled the room.  There was yarn in that store that would touch any color fancy that any person may have.  I asked her if she had any interest in the products that I sell.  She did not.  I turned to walk out and Father simply said “pray for her”.  I turned and asked if I could.  She would not tell me her first name, but allowed me to pray for her.   It was an amazing experience.  The Holy Spirit filled the room in a way that I have not felt in a long time.   The next place I went was a nutrition place. Sales wise that does look promising. But that was not the real reason Father had me knock on that door. He had me knock on that door to pray for Georgeann.  That is the name of the little girl that is do out in two months.  To see the peace come over this mom who is carrying her baby, to see the Holy Spirit come upon her in a way that brought such peace into the room was truly an amazing thing.   So here is the encouragement this morning.  As you go out, as you seek Fathers heart in where you should be going simply start knocking. Look for the doors he will open to you.  You may find yourself amazed by the grace of the Great I Am by his Son through the Holy Spirit in way that will truly amazing you

Go in peace