Luke 10:25-37
                                                                          The Good Samaritan
In this story we see a lawyer seeking to justify himself.  The Christ in his limitless wisdom does not lay out ground rules.  Instead he simply asks questions.  The lawyer asks him, “What must I do to inherit the kingdom of God?”  The Christ answers with a question. “What is written in the law?”  The lesson that comes out of this is this.  We must be that person who has one thing in mind at all times.  That is to look for people to serve, no matter what their circumstance or their ability to repay us.   It does not matter if the person is a CEO of a large corporation, or the homeless person on the street.  We as believers have an obligation to be that vehicle that Father uses to bring them assistance.  In doing so we may actually be given an opportunity to be that person blessed in being able to lead that person to the throne of our Father through the Son by the Spirit.  Today as we go out, let us keep our minds set on Father and His kingdom and look for the chance to help that person Father through the Son by the Spirit brings across out path to help.  We never know how Father is going to use us.
Go in peace