Luke 10:16

                                                   He who hears you hears me.

In the 10the Chapter of Luke we see the Christ sending his disciples out. We are sent. Being his followers we have the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. When we find ourselves in a situation where we are speaking the words of Jesus the Christ to people we are speaking his words. The thing to remember is that if people reject the message that we were sent to them to give it was not because they are rejecting us, but something far more dangerous for them. The are rejecting the creator of themselves, they are rejecting God the Father himself. When someone receives the message and hence receives the Christ as their lord and Savior they are asking God the Father to come into their lives and change their hearts. They are walking away from the destruction that surely is waiting for them and walking into the newness that is offered to them by Father through the Son by the Spirit. We are the ones he has commissioned to carry that message. Let’s do it with urgency. People’s eternity is at stake.

Go in peace