Lamentation 3:22-24
                                                                Every morning we start all things new.
This morning this verse brings to it the light that lightens the gentiles.  As I sit here drinking my second cup of coffee looking out the window of my office I see light. I see blue sky and the beginning of a new day the Lord hath made.  Is this one of those days when you have a thousand things staring you in the eye demanding your attention?  Today will be one of those days that are extremely busy for me.  That my friend is the reason one should take just those few precious, quiet, peaceful moments and let the Holy Spirit touch your heart and give you the strength you are going to need this day.   Remember this, when things are going nuts that’s when our Father’s touch is the most important to quiet our totally overwhelmed spirits in a way that brings peace not only to us but also those around us.  Take that breath, feel the coolness of the morning for just a moment, and let the Holy Spirit touch you in a way that will bring joy and happiness to you and everyone you come in contact with.  Today is the day to enjoy the fullness of Christ love and compassion through the spirit as only you can.  Remember, go in peace, and serve the Lord.
In Christ