Judges 6-8
                                                                                The man who listened and won.
Gideon took on an army of 20,000 with 300 men  and won.  Last night I was honored attend the region 7 basketball championship. Lakeview Christian academy was playing a public school out of northern Minnesota called Northwood’s.   It was a hard fought clean game. When one would get knocked down from one team someone from the other team would help them up.  The game was tied at the half.   At half time Bob Newstrom made some adjustments with his young team of lake view lions.  The high school grade 7-12 has an enrollment of 80 young people with a heart for Christ.  Last the victory belonged to Lakeview.  In their winning there was no gloating, only handshakes and hugs with the other team.  This was a hard fought game. There had to be a victor as far as the score went.  But there were no losers.  One could tell from the awards ceremony the Christ was in the hearts of both teams.  When one sees this in a game, this is what sportsmanship in the showing and receiving of Christ love is all about.  This small school, with a coaches are sold out to Christ demonstrate the courage in the face of battle, yet are able to instill in their players the absolute commitment to Christ that is needed to really win the battle for the hearts and minds of men.
Go in peace