Judges 6:36-40
                                                                God’s confirmation of his calling.
Have you ever been woken in the middle of the night with a plan? Have you ever thought “This is nuts, why would God call me to do this, it does not make sense?”    That my friend is exactly what happened to Gideon.   Gideon asked for extreme confirmation, he had to know what was being set before him was really God.   A week and a half ago I was woken at three in the morning with a marketing plan for Eli greatness begins.  I was told to make the trip on my motorcycle.  I started telling everyone what I was being led to do.  As far as I am concerned nothing has changed.   Certain things have to be in place before I leave.   Yesterday another piece of the puzzle fell into place.  Through my business our Father has guided me to many business owners who have become close friends over the years.  What she suggested was that I get my marketing people more involved with designing this trip.  Not only have them working with me putting together the pre-orders, but actually have them notifying the book store gift ships Hospital gifts shops the date I will be in their town and that I will be stopping by discuss my book with them.   The message is coming across quite clear from Father. He has a plan.  It’s his project and he is going to lead in how he wants it carried out.  My brothers and sisters in Christ, what is Father leading you to accomplish.  How is he leading you in ways that he can use you to touch lives in a way that will change them forever?    Gideon had one shot in the battle Father had set before him.  If he failed he and a lot of his troops would be dead.  He could not make a mistake.  He wanted to know what he was doing was exactly what Father wanted him to do.   I am being shown each step of the way what he wants me to do as you will be in the leading he is giving to you.   Time and time again the enemy is going to throw roadblocks up to try to stop what Father is putting in front of us to accomplish.  DON’T QUIT!  Keep putting one foot in front of the other; keep moving forward in our Father’s leading through the Son by the spirit.  Father always wins.  Don’t quit. 
Go in peace