The first question i have to ask are they mutually exclusive?  Judgement and love that is  My answer in  my view is no.  For the past few days we have been looking at 1st John.  John is the messenger telling us the importance of love. and t he warnings against hating our brother.  I want to break judgment down into a few of categories. 1.  Final judgment.  A person dies and they face God.  ( He may or may not have  considered God his/herFather.)  Second, Judgment on a christian as an individual.. Third is the Church.   I think we all understand what the Final judgment is.  However, lets look on judgment that an individual christian may have to deal with.  We are supposed to be, above all else, an example as to what the Love of Father  should look like on this earth.  In Church  today Father brought to mind an incident that happened when i was 8 years old.  I was trying to find my shoes so I could go fishing with my brother-in-law.  Could not find them.  my mother said something to me and i told her to “go to hell”  I was told to go to my room. and was followed by my mother.  I was told to take my belt out of my pants and drop them.  I did not think she was ever going to stop hitting me.  That is the only spanking I ever remember getting for anything from my mom. or dad for that matter.  But the judgment that fell that day was such speed and severity that the point was made crystal clear.  I never, ever said that to my mother again EVER!  I remember a time when I smarted off to Dad.  I was 14.  He answered with “Your still not to old to spank,  it brought back a memory that i did not want repeated.  I quickly apologized.    My parents loved me beyond measure.  I knew that all through my life.  Yet when judgment was needed it was handed out justly and in a way that would have lasting results.  Our Father in heaven will do no less.  Actually he gets his points across quite amazingly.  Judgment is different for those of us who call God. Father.  They are meant to change behavior and protect us from ourselves.   So when things are toughest, ask OK Father what am i supposed to learn here.  He will show us.
Go in peace
Serve the Lord
Thanks be to God.
p.s. if you have any questions on any of these write back i answer all mail