John 3:1-16
                                                                      What happens when we are born again?
                The second we are born again, the second we take our first breath as a child of the King we are given a mission in life.  We may not be aware of that mission for quite some time, or we may be made aware of it instantly.  That mission is a small part of our Fathers purpose, but it may have a large part in achieving it.  It is achieved one life at a time.  Yesterday I was heading to Two Harbors, Minnesota.   All of a sudden I was really hungry.  I had had breakfast so I could not understand why the hunger.   I pulled off at 21st Ave. East in Duluth.  I had a choice, McDonalds across the street, or Burger King on the same side.  I was going to go to Macs. But felt I was meant to go into BK.  So I did. I grabbed a copy of Eli as I went it.  I got a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich, was wondering why I had sat down to eat, I needed to get back on the road, Father had other plans.   I finished my sandwich and headed to the car. I noticed a black Mercedes with the sunroof open.  As I walked by I noticed the fish on the trunk.  The sign was that this guy was a believer.   He had his cute little girl with him in the car. She was probably 10-11 years of age.   Curt her dad took a look at Eli and stated he liked the message.   I signed it for Amanda his daughter.  Her smile as she read what I wrote to her was  totally infectious.   I don’t know where this little girl is at on her journey of Faith.  I don’t know if she has had that experience of being “born again” or not.   I pray that the Holy Spirit will use the words that he had me write to touch her in a way that will change her life forever.  We all must use whatever gifts the Father has given to be a tool to reach those around us.  Whether we are taking a kid fishing, a grandkid on a motorcycle ride or writing a book these gifts are given for one reason.  To see people hearts changed so they can be born again.  I encourage all of us to be used, we will see amazing things.
Go in peace