John 9:13-34


                                                         They kicked the man born blind who Christ healed out of the synagogue because he asked them if they wanted to follow Christ also.  In today’s society it is easy to have blind (spots).  To be willing to compromise on things Father would have us stand firm on.  When the Pharisees confronted the man born blind about his healing, he did not deny that Christ healed him, instead he held fast to that which the Christ had done in his life.   It comes to mind one night I happened to tune into Larry King live.  An Evangelist with the last name Orman was on.  A caller called in and brought out that Christ said I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me.  At first he agreed with her, but when pressed by King, (who is Jewish) he back pedaled.  He sounded confused.  I asked myself why when a high powered believer gets into situations like this won’t they take the stand.  He had an opportunity to speak truth that could have changed Larry King’s life forever, he did not.  This evangelist had a blind spot. He was so interested in his being seen as reasonable that he would not take the stand that Father was presenting him.  That blind spot was glaring.  The question I have for each of us today is what is your blind spot.  Is it a compromise on a moral issue that no one will ever know about?  (Except Father that is)

Is it telling the truth? Is it compromising to make a sale?  This question should be on our minds whenever we find ourselves in a situation where we are willing to sell a piece of our soul in a bad situation.  This is what I encourage each and every one of us to pray today.  Father shows me my blind spot, reveal it to me. And give me your sight.  We need to open our eyes and see that which the enemy would have us blind to.

Go in peace