The man born blind was sent.

We see the Christ being asked, “Who sinned that this man is blind, him or his parents?”  The answer from Jesus came quickly. “Neither, this is for the Glory of God.”  With that statement he spit on the ground made mud and sent the man to the pool called sent.  The key here is the word sent.  The man was sent to the pool, and he followed the directions of the Master and was healed.  The directions of the master comes in two forms general and specific directions.  General would be the ones that each of us are to follow.  An example would be leading a quiet and peaceful life.  Specific would be to a given situation. 

This man was given specific instructions.  He followed them and was healed. The question is this, are we willing to follow the instructions of the master and receive his healing.  The rich young ruler comes to mind.  He came to the Christ and asked him what he needed to do to be saved.  Don’t kill, don’t steal, ECT.  When he stated that he had kept them from his youth, he then asked what else he had to do.  The instructions were clear. “Sell all you have, give the money to the poor, and come follow me.” The Christ told him.  The ruler could not do that as his god was his money.  Here are a couple rules of thumb about being led. 1. Father’s leading never, ever goes against his word.  If we make a choice that does go against he word  we have no one but ourselves to thank when the results are a disaster. 2. When we are led to accomplish things they are because they fit into his plan for building up of us and those around us.  The question each and every one of us has to answer is this, “Where are we being sent.”  Listen for the voice of the Lord and you will understand where you are being sent and the lives he will touch through you.

Go in peace