John 8:48-59
                                                                Before Abraham was I AM
It is easy to miss the significance of this little statement.  In these few words Christ is making the point that he is God.  He with these few words  he is making Father and himself one.  Once again I draw your attention to his prayer in the 17th chapter of this book.  He prays that we will have the same oneness with him that he has with the Father.  If we look at the 9th chapter of acts we will see Saul’s encounter with the Christ of God.  When Saul is driven to his knees and asks the Christ who he is, and is told I Am Jesus who you persecute again we see the two simple words with so much meaning.  I AM Jesus.  When I think of Moses asking God who is in the burning bush who he is and gets the answer I AM that who I AM the thought of Father being totally steadfast and immovable.   I see the God head in the Form of Father that will always be there and protect me even from myself.   His steadfast love will be there forever.   When the world seems to be caving in around us, his steadfast love is there forever.
At times the only thing we can rely on in this life is the fact that his steadfast love is there forever.
Go in peace