John 8:32-47
                                                                                By abiding in Christ God becomes our Father.
Christ speaks of two Fathers in this portion of Scripture.  He points out that the Jews Father is Satan because they sought to kill him.  And by abiding in him (the Christ) we actually become the sons and daughters of God.  Hence, as Christ states here God becomes our Father.  He states that a child seeks to do those things that their Father desires.  By abiding in the Christ of God (Jesus) we actually have the desires of our Father planted within us.  This is done by his Holy Spirit abiding within us.  As we have the Holy Spirit abiding within us, he will show us exactly what the Father wants us to do in any given circumstance.   One may ask. How do I hear the voice of the spirit who indwells me?   Study the word, as you do this, you will find in any given situation the word will jump out at you.  Scripture will come to mind when it is needed.  Another is the answer is just there.   The Father has even been known to speak in an audible voice at times.  Anytime this happens double check you’re leading with the word.  Father never, ever goes against his own word.  Father wants to speak to his kids.  We as his kids only need to listen.
Go in peace