John 8:31-47
The truth shall make you free
Sometimes it’s hard to standby and let a lie destroy lives when one know the truth. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the live, no one come to the Father but by me. When one walks in a lie it’s like one is walking down a poorly lit street. One thinks one knows where one is going, but the lack of true light hide the dangers that are there. Jesus states he is the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but through him. It is human nature to walk away from a situation that causes pain. Or to walk away from a situation that brings pain to someone else. By doing so one is in many cases helping a lie stay in place. It’s when that lie is allowed to stay in place that the pain is put off. It’s like a cancer that is ignored. It will grow and eventually kill the person that has the cancer. It’s when that cancer is brought into the light and dealt with that it can be destroyed and the person survive. Jesus Christ will bring light to a situation. When one allows a lie to live that lie will eventually kill the person who allows it to live and destroy those around them. When one allows the lie to continue the enemy is allowed to continue to destroy the very ones we try to protect with the lie. Remember this. There is no light in a lie. There is no darkness in truth. Remember Jesus the Christ is the light, in him there is no darkness. He is the truth, In Christ there is no darkness.
Go in peace