John 8:31-44      
                                                                                The truth shall set you free.
In this portion of scripture we see the Christ telling the Pharisees that they are listening to the father of lies. And because they are listening and believing him they are slaves to him.  Christ tells them that if they knew the truth the truth would set them free.  He also told them that any one who hears His word and does are his followers, and they are set free.  Christ here makes several references to God as his Father.  In Romans 11 it talks about being grafted into God through the Christ. We are branches, we are not the tree. God is the tree, we are grafted into him. We are told not to be puffed up in ourselves because we are supported by the tree.  So the Pharisees are about to be cut off from the Father because of their unbelief in the Son.  They are being cut off because of their unbelief.  They are being cut off because of their disobedience.  We are told by Christ if we love him we will keep his commandments.  When we keep his commandments we know the truth.  When we know the truth (Christ) the truth sets us free from sin and death.  When we do truth we live, when we buy into a lie part of us dies.  Christ can resurrect that part that has been put to death when we repent and walk back into truth, but short of that when we buy into a lie part of us dies.  Today as we go out, lets purpose in our hearts to do truth. Jesus the Christ said “I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me.”  When we do truth we are doing Christ.  Christ is truth. We know truth.  Let’s do it in every situation.
Go in peace