John 8:31-35

                                                The truth shall set you free. 

Christ is truth. His word is truth.  Anything else is not truth.  I can here it now.  Goldy how can you say what truth is, everyone has their own truth.  Not so! All one has to do is look at the results of the so called “truth” that a person is following and they will see that their “truth” is in fact a lie.  The lie is put forth in a very attractive package.  The fact of the matter is this, the package is a poison that will destroy anyone who takes thereof.  I am 56 years old. I see the destruction on the people of my age that I graduated from high school with in 1973. I see the results of people who were convinced that getting involved physically with another person at a young age or drinking or drug use was the thing to do. I see the lack of trust that is developed because of it. I see addictions that have kept classmates from reaching their full potential.   As I look at my classmates and the ones who followed the truth that was set forth in the scripture they are happy at this point in their lives.  Jesus the Christ stated I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me. He made sure we have a guide book with his teachings in it that we could follow.  He gave us the Holy Spirit to be an internal guide to protect us from ourselves, and the lies of the enemy.  Today’s challenge is as follows.  Today’s choices will have lasting results on our lives forever.  When you’re faced with a choice make that choice based on what the word says, and on the spirits leading. The spirit of God will never go against his written word.  When you’re faced with a choice simply ask one question.  “What does the word say?”  It may not seem like the logical step to take in any given instance, but the results will always have an outcome that is best for those around you and yourself.

Go in peace