John 8:31-35  
                                                                The truth shall make you free.
There are those who would have us believe that any thing we do is ok.  These people are well meaning and don’t want people to feel guilty for their behavior.  These people would tell us that it is not our position to judge.  They would have us believe that Father did not really mean what he wrote in his book.  Christ came that we would be set free from the bondage of sin.  Then why would these people say sinning is ok?  To walk in sin is to not walk in the freedom that Christ paid for.  To walk in sin is to make the pain and suffering Christ endured on the cross to pay for those sins worthless.  There are addictions that a person gets themselves into that are hard to break.  There are sins that once a person is into are really tough to walk away from.  When a person arrives at this point what is needed is not someone telling them what they are doing is OK.  What is needed is to walk along side this person pray with this person, and be willing to help this person to walk in the freedom that Christ is offering them.  Let’s face it. We all mess up. We all sin. The key is not to try to justify our actions. The key is to admit we messed up.  In the Lutheran liturgy there is a section in the confession that says. We are in bondage to sin and cannot free ourselves. We do earnestly repent.  Freedom in Christ does not come by saying sinful behavior is ok.  Freedom in Christ comes through admitting one’s sin, repenting, and walking in the forgiveness that Christ offers.  We have to admit our sin.
Go in peace