John 8:21-30
                                                                                They shall die in their sins.
Inverse 24 Christ makes a bold statement.  If they do not believe they shall die in their sins.  The fact of the matter is this.  People who reject the Christ will die in their sins.  They are facing an eternity that will not be a pleasant place.  The man who stands on the corner shouting the gospel many times is ridiculed.  However, this man has a burning desire to see people with him in eternity and not having that person alone in the darkness of nothingness or worse yet being in a burning pit forever.  The question each and every one of us has to answer is this.  Am I doing all that I can to get people to think about their eternity.  Or am I making excuses for doing nothing.  It’s time to examine ourselves and come to an understanding of how committed are we to Father’s kingdom and are we willing to put feet to our faith.  It may be time for us to become just a little bit radical in our approach to reaching people with the message of salvation by the Son through the Holy Spirit.  Remember people don’t change through force.  People change by having their heart changed by the power of the Holy Spirit!  Let’s start walking in that power and seeing lives changed.
Go in peace