John 7:37-39 Out of their hearts will flow rivers of living water.

Yesterday around 6 P.M., I was sitting getting things ready for this week in my business.  I was thinking about a friend who was driving back from Michigan and praying for a safe trip for her. (Across Wisconsin the deer are as abundant as rabbits.)  I was going a bit stir crazy, then a light bulb went on in my head.  “There is prayer tonight at church.”  I hopped in my car and drove over to church to catch the last few moments of prayer.   As I walked into the church my cell went off.  I answered it; there was another friend on the line from Florida.  She has a ruptured disc in her neck, was planning to have surgery.  I took a few minutes to pray. But this prayer was different than most, It felt like water was flowing out of my mouth as I prayed.  Immediately she said the pain was gone.   The lesson today is, when someone asks you for prayer, pray.  Father does things for his glory, you may find that the Holy Spirit will flow like rivers of living waters and the person getting prayer will be changed forever.

Go in peace