John 5:40-52 
                                                                They questioned who Jesus really was.
Today many still question who the Christ really is.  They don’t really understand who is.  I know who George Bush is; I know who Barack Obama is.  But I don’t know them.  Until we get to know someone on a personal level we can’t really understand that person mind, if we can’t understand their mind we really can’t understand or even know that person.  Many, many people know who Jesus the Christ is, but they don’t know him in an intimate saving way.  They aren’t led by him in a way that helps them add direction and purpose to their lives.  It’s only when a person surrenders their very being to our Father through his Son the Christ that that person can begin to walk in the newness that Christ offers.   Without the leading of the Christ my life would be in shambles.  Without the leading of the Christ of Father the direction of everything that Father is doing in my life would not have happened.  I encourage each and every one of us to seek that intimacy with the Christ everyday.  One must move beyond the surface and move true oneness with the creator of the universe our Father that is offered through the Christ.
It’s time to get close
Go in peace