Scripture tells us its the substance of things hoped for the evidence to things not seen.
I had a discussion with my Brother yesterday over lunch.  The first topic that came up was how do we explain to someone what faith is when they don’t have it to understand.
As we looked at the noble man in the 4Th chapter of John we see someone taking
a step that would lead to his son being healed.  I have prayed for only one person
that i told him your healed.  I took heat for that, he is alive today, Tracey was and is healed.
Faith is looking into space, and knowing that every star, every pebble was placed for our planet to be able to stay in perfect orbit, With the perfect chemicals balance so this planet could sustain life.  Faith is being willing to take action realizing that the outcome of such action
will be such to work in our best interest, and that Our Father does have everything under control.  Faith is trusting in the whole of Romans 8:28  All things work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.   The key words are His Purpose.  As I look at my life i see God’s purpose working our in every aspect of it.
Even when I totally mess up he will accomplish his purpose throughout it.  It’s not how hard I believe.  Its knowing, its confidence that Father knows best and will work it for his complete purpose.
Go in Peace
Serve the Lord
Thanks be to God