John 3:16-21

He who loves Christ loves the light

This starts out with the words of the Christ. He came that whoever believes in him should have eternal life. However, later on the Christ makes a point that we all need to heed in our own lives. We need to walk in his light exposing the darkness in our own lives that the darkness in our lives can be destroyed and we can walk in His newness of life. To put it in a brutally up front way. If we are hiding something we need to have it exposed to the light of Christ so the darkness in our souls can be cleansed by his Holy Spirit and we can truly walk in his newness forever. The time for hiding things is past. Yesterday I was speaking to a woman who works for Focus on the Family trying to get them to take a look at Eli. We spoke about the Email that had to be sent and who it had to go to. After our conversation I felt like I was supposed to pray for this woman. I prayed for her family and as they kept Christ in the center of what they were doing he would continue to draw them unto himself. I asked Father through the Son by the Spirit for some other things and stopped. This woman was just about in tears. She stated that was exactly what she needed prayed. Then she in turn prayed for me and the book. There was a connection with this woman of God. Through this prayer Father exposed something that she knew in her spirit but was keeping it hidden from the world. She is an example of what Father can do in a person when he exposes something to the light of his Son. Today be that vehical that Father can use to touch a heart. If we are willing to be used, and to listen to the Holy Spirit then we will see our Father in heaven touch lives of those around us.

Go in peace