John 20:31-32 
        Jesus distinguishes himself from Father. 
I said at the beginning that I did not want to get bogged down with trivial things.  My use of the term Father has been attacked by a woman pastor.  So I did some homework and found out some interesting things.  I have found that the  Father, Son and the Holy spirit are one.  They are one in nature, yet hold separate personages.  When Christ said “Before Abraham was I Am he was making himself equal to Father. The point was made that the Hebrew translation of Hebrew did not use the male in reference to Father.  Again an error. In Malachi Abba is used to describe our Father. Abba  refers to the male genre.  Today we see an assault on the word of God.  We see modern feminism attacking the very nature of God our Father.  We even see some denominations saying that sin is ok.  As long as it is done in the right spirit.  Many of us say the apostles creed on Sunday in church.  In it the Christ will sit on the right had of God the Father.  Christ states the no one know the day or time when he will return, only the Father.  But we do know and understand that Christ will return to judge the living and the dead.  Until that time he will sit at the right hand of the Father.  Father’s Holy Spirit indwells  man and works his will on those who have opened their heart to him.  Our heavenly Father does speak to man directly through his Holy spirit if man is willing to listen.  His spirit gives gifts to man for the purpose of building his kingdom.  I encourage each and every one of us to listen to what the Sprit of our Father is telling us this day.  Realize that the Son is there waiting for the word.  We come to the Father through the son by the spirit.  When all three persons of the trinity are working in our lives great things happen.
Go in peace