John 20:24-29
                                                                                       My Lord and My God!
                Here we have it.  We see Thomas declaring that Christ is God.  Over the centuries we have seen millions upon millions of people reaching that same conclusion.  Thomas would become a great evangelist.  The one thing that strikes me here is this. We are called blessed because we have not (in most cases) seen the physical Christ, yet we have a strong belief.   Here is the bottom line. Do our beliefs result in action?  A fisherman believes that a certain spot on a lake is going to produce a huge bass.  He is going to the spot to start fishing.  A true belief will produce action.  Once Thomas had his doubts satisfied he went to work and became a huge asset to the Kingdom of God.  Do you have doubts?  Is that what is holding you back from becoming that person that our Father through the Son by the Spirit can really use in his kingdom?  Then ask Father to satisfy those doubts.  Ask him for the Faith to be a might soldier in God’s army. He will meet the test.
                Go in peace