John 20:19-31
Jesus in Vs. 22 breaths on them and says. “Receive the Holy Spirit.”  Just a few days earlier we see the Christ praying in the 17th chapter for God to be in us, and us in God the Father they way Christ is in Father and Father in him.  This action that Jesus the Christ takes to breath the Holy spirit into man is the very act he was asking the Father for in that prayer.   By that simple act the believers were being marked forever by the indwelling of the spirit of the Most High through the Son.  Father spoke through his servant Jeremiah 1:5 it becomes clear that our giftings are placed within our spirit before we are even conceived.  So when the Christ completed redemption once again it becomes possible for us to be united with Father through the Christ by the spirit in a way that allows us to become a powerful instrument in the Hands of our Father through his spirit to touch people around us.  The enemy of our souls will do everything he can to abort our gifting. He convinces mothers to kill their children through abortion thus he thinks he is killing Fathers gifting.  He uses sin to try to change our direction. Again Father is able to win again.  He uses conflicts in the body of believers. This is called church splits. He does this to destroy ministries.  Father’s spirit will not be stopped.  Remember this. The Jews tried to stop it when they thought their power was being taken by the Christ.  They tried to kill him, and he just walked out of the grave.  When the enemy comes against you, don’t quit. When he tries to scare you, just keep walking forward.  Remember lot’s wife. We can’t look back. We must keep walking forward towards the prize.
Remember we win
Go in peace