John 19:5-16
                                                                The Jews reveal who their real king is
This is where we see the rubber meet the road.  The Jewish leaders have the opportunity to take he who is the Son of the great I Am and put him to death.  They think they have a chance to forever silence him who had the courage to call God almighty Father.  They would at this point claim an earthly king as their own.  When asked by Pilate if he should release the King of the Jews, they yelled back they have no king but Caesar.   They were rejecting the kingship of God almighty, (whom by adoption we call Father) for the kingship that God would take out and cast away from himself when Caesar would die the physical death.   I would draw your attention to Romans 8:14. St Paul writes that who ever walks after the spirit are sons/daughters of God.  If we are sons and daughters of God then God is our Father.  The Pharisees were placing themselves in subjection to the King of this world. (Satan)  Caesar was merely a tool of Satan to try to destroy the Christ.   In Romans 8:17 we are named as Heirs of Christ, and Co-heirs of God, our Father.  Pharisees reject the Fatherhood of God. They did it then they do it now. We who walk by the spirit have God as our Father and are grafted into the vine.  To this day the Jews reject the lordship of Christ.  By doing so they are not rejected by God our Father. They are rejecting God our Father and choosing to walk away from him.  When we are filled with the Holy Spirit we in fact do become Sons and Daughters of the Most High.  We by the blood of the Lamb have had our sins washed away and by the Spirit can walk in a freshness and newness that the unredeemed cannot experience.  Today I urge you my brothers and sisters to walk by the Spirit. I urge you to live in Christ.  I urge you to be the mouthpiece that Father is calling us to. Be that person that overflows with the Spirit of God our Father to such an extent that those around you will know they have been touched. 
Go in Peace