John 18:39-40

Jesus the Christ takes the place of Barabbas.

                On that day before Pilate, Christ took the place of Barabbas by having Barabbas’s transgressions placed on him. Wait a minute! On that day Christ was about to take every ones place on the cross, he was about to take everyone’s transgression upon his very being.   Little is known of Barabbas after his release, however to say we are all deserving of his condemnation is a true statement.  Barabbas was the first named person to have his sinned payed for by the Christ. He could be named Charlie, Frank, Renee, Marge it does not matter. Christ took is his sin from him.  The question this morning is Christ paid the price for his sin, did it do Barabbas any good? For Barabbas’s freedom to be really free he had to become a servant of the Master.  You see one has to be willing to make a commitment to the Christ, to walk in his ways, and totally surrender to him.  I will remind us this morning that Christ said I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me.  If a person does not accept the Christ as their Lord and Savior according the word we have here is their sins remain on them.  By not receiving the grace that Christ offers that person saying, “I choose to hold onto my sin, and will take the consequesences of my actions.  Barabbas could have said, “let him go, I will pay for my sins.” He did not do that however. Those who choose to hold onto their sins have no one to thank but themselves.  As we come in contact with people today keep this in the front of your mind.  It’s time to get people to the point of being willing to receive the grace, love, caring that only Christ can offer.

Go in peace