John 17: 20-26

A Picture of the unity of the trinity, and marriage.

This is Christ’s prayer for the church.  It is also the picture of what God intends for the unity of his people, and especially marriage.  I can just hear some of you know.  C’mon mike, that’s a stretch even for you.  But not really.  In Ephesians we see Paul talking about marriage as an example of Christ and the Church.  Those of us who are married are to be an example to the world of the unity that Christ is praying for here.  Christ is praying for a unity that is true oneness with the Father, Paul is talking about having the same oneness in marriage.   We have a couple in our church who has been married close to 60 years, Ron and Marlene.  They still walk into church holding hands. The unity of the spirit is an amazing thing to understand.  To see that closeness of something that has been built over many years.  They have had a Christ centered marriage for more years than I have been alive.  They are an example of the unity in the spirit that Christ is praying for.  Christ in us, we in Christ, as Christ is in the Father.  What an amazing thing to be laid out for us to emulate. Today I encourage each and every one of us, if married seek a deeper unity with your spouse based on the John 17 model.  If single, as you seek the mate that Father has for you seek to have a unity built on the example Christ is praying for in John 17.

Go in peace