The question was put to me last night. Can one ask   anything in Christ name and have it done for us.  The answer to that is both yes and no.  James 4:3 he states that if we ask and receive not it’s because we ask amiss.  That comes out clearly in John 15:16 where the Christ makes it clear that we have not because we ask amiss.  If we look at John 15:7 we are told that if we abide in Him, and his word abide in us we can ask what so ever we will and he will do it because the Father is glorified.  It comes down to this. Are we asking for whatever we are asking because it is something the Father has put on our hearts? Is it something that can grow his kingdom or is it something we are asking for out of selfish ambition.  Is it something we need for our own survival, or is it something we need to grow his kingdom.Ihave a very close friend who is asking for something that her survival as a believer  depends on. She has been focused on Fathers promisesto protect her.   Remember this, it would be better for a millstone to be tied around a person’s neck than cause one of his little ones to stumble.  She is asking for Father Protection and for him to get her out of a situation that she has found herself in Father Does deliver us from situations that we find ourselves in at times. But remember this; he uses situations we are in to teach us life lessons as well.  But he will protect us at all times.  I encourage each and every one of us to abide in Him, have his word abide in us, and then we will know we are not asking amiss.

Go in peace