I would like to ask each one of us this question, do we really understand the essence, and powerfulness of this little piece of scripture.  There are few people that I really feel I can call friends.

One person is Ron. Another person Is Dave. Still another is Dan.  One more would be Greg.  And finally Mark. I was married to my bestes friend.   Every relationship that we enter into should start on the basis of friendship.  As a friend a trust level builds to a point that one can have confidence that other person will have our back for life.  This week for me has been one of an emotional roller coaster.  There have been several ups and downs.  My friends realized the position I was in and were able to talk me through it.  A person who is a true friend will always be there.  A key point to friendship is this however; when a friend sees us screwing up they will tell us.  They will do it in love, but they will tell us.  Christ in the above scripture was calling his disciples friends, Peter was one of them.  A short while later Christ would say to Peter “Get behind me Satan.”  That had to hit Peter like a ton of bricks.  In his mind he was trying to protect his Lord. Yet Christ understood the truth of the situation.  He understood that redemption would cost something.  Christ understood that he was the only one who could pay it. And he understood that Satan was trying to use Peter to stop him.  He loved Peter enough to call him out on it.  The question is this, do we love our friends enough so when we see them messing up will call them out.  Or they see us messing up will call us out. 

Be a friend